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1-One Cake-$9
2-Two Cakes-$18
4-Four Cakes-$36
10-Ten Cakes-$90
20-Twenty Cakes-$180

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all donations are 501c3 tax deductible.

Jerusalem Heritage House is proud to partner with Mak’s Bake Shop to distribute cakes to “Lone Soldiers” throughout Israel. With this new campaign we can remind the soldiers that people from around the world care about and appreciate their great personal sacrifice. Along with the amazing show of support you can send a personalized message of encouragement which will be printed on the sticker of the cake. Cakes for Lone Soldiers Heritage House Jerusalem Heritage House has been providing these great Jewish heroes with housing, meals (including Shabbos and Holidays), laundry facilities, military advisors, supplies, LOVE AND SUPPORT! for the last 5 years and now with your help-MAK’S CAKES. A Mak’s cake goes a long way in alleviating the Hardship a “lone soldier” feels. Mak’s Bake Shop is a local boutique bakery that has been providing Yeshiva, Seminary students and “Lone Soldiers” with delicious home baked goods for the past fifteen years.
Please consider sponsoring a Mak’s cake for a “lone soldier” today!

cake for lone soldiers

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