Welcome To The Heritage House

The Heritage House provides safe and comfortable lodging for young Jewish travelers and students in Jerusalem so that they can best experience and develop their connection with Israel, Judaism, and the Jewish People. We provide our guests with a warm bed, fresh bedding, laundry facilities, food options, wifi, long-distance calling, an extensive library, and information on numerous tours and educational/service opportunities throughout Israel. We organize and lead exciting hands on in-depth  tours of the entire Old City of Jerusalem, Hevron, Shilo and many more important places of tremendous historical, political and religious significance not included in your standard tours.

Additionally, we provide Shabbat and holiday programming, featuring home-cooked meals with local families, beginner services, and general explanations of Jewish customs and practices. These services, and many more, are all provided free of charge and with abundant genuine warmth and sincerity to all who come through our door.


We provide for travelers and students ages 18-30 and Jewish.