Birthright Extenders!

The Jerusalem Heritage House provides safe and comfortable lodging for young Jewish travelers and students in Jerusalem so that they can best experience and develop their connection with Judaism, the Jewish People, and the Land of Israel.

The Jerusalem Heritage House Provides Birthright Extenders opportunities to tour Israel, experience once in a life time Jewish educational moments, seminars and experiences, service projects, and live and interact with “lone Soldiers” serving in the IDF! All this while living in the Old City of Jerusalem! walking distance to town and a hop away from the kotel and other historical sites.  


While staying at the Heritage House you can experience one or all of the following: 

At the Kotel HaKatan - "Small Western Wall"


the Jerusalem Heritage House will take you on tours of The Old City of Jerusalem, Mount of Olives, Hevron, Shiloh and many other places, to parts and places that Birthright doesn’t go to.  Experience Hevron where the patriarchs and matriarchs of the Jewish People are buried, visit them as well as the acient city where King David first had his capital before moving it to Jerusalem and have the opportunity to make your mark on Israel by participating in our restoration project of an ancient synagogue near the graves of King David’s Father and Great Grandmother. 


The Jerusalem Heritage House provides home cooked and inviting Holiday Meals including the weekly Sabbath meals. Classes are available on all ranges of Judaism from basic to advanced including philosophy taught by world famous personalities.  Bar-Mitzvahs either your own if you never had or someone else’s celebrate this life changing event. one of the highlights of the jewish experiences is a traditional jewish wedding dancing the knight away celebration Jewish continuity.  Torah Scroll Dedication celebrations culminating in a meal at the King David Hotel!


leave your mark on Israel and help your fellow jews by volunteering. you can do farming, whether harvesting or planting, its a great experience plant a fruit tree in Israel that will provide fruit for many years to come.  building and restoring projects of ancient and modern buildings making areas now usable. get your hand dirty in the holy land!


one of the most unique opportunities The Jerusalem Heritage House offers is the opportunity to live with your peers from abroad who have decided to serve in the Israeli Defense Force, most if not all are serving in combat positions and can give you a understanding of what the Israeli army is about. 

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